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July 18, 2013
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Hexestolz, The Titan of Pride by Necro-Titan Hexestolz, The Titan of Pride by Necro-Titan
The Sin of Pride, The Demon Incarnate

Height: 100 Meters
Weight: 35,000 Metric Tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Melee, Ranged
Primary Attacks: Claws, Head, Teeth
Secondary Attacks: Plasma Blasts (from Hands)
Primary Weapon: Necromancy (Crates 2 Copys of the Necro Titans and blasts opponent holding Z), Necrosis Blast (Tapping Z)
Secondary Weapon: Ectoplasmic Cannon (From Center Jaw)
Energy Style: Parasitic

Vreshii is one of Seven Necro Titans, each of which represent one of the deadly sins to man. Hexestolz is the Demon King of the Necro Titans and Second in command only to the Enity of Chaos himself, He is gifted with the powers of black Magic and Necromancy.

Long before he served the Chaos and ruled over the Titans, He ruled the grate kingdom of the lion. His Rule was all from perfect, he taxed all the he could and used the word of God to bring himself to power. Though he always saw himself above God as He had his kingdom to rule while God only watched us play our games. He took pleasure making himself a God amongst his kingdom. One night, however his people turned on him and set him and his castle in a blaze. within the walls of fire he cured the name of god and that he would find a way to cheat his death by any means in which he sold his soul the the darkest of Demons the ruler of all chaos. With the gifts of magic and Necromancy he returned to the land of the living and killed all those who had set his castle in flames and swore that all those who chose God over him would die in manners that would echo through history, but and in return he would serve his master for eternity to guard the secret of the Titans of Chaos.

Many Moons have passed since the night in the fire, and his rule over the dominions of Hell have brought him favor amogst the Demons of his kind, all but one bowed to the Great Hexestolz, and that one would bring the Beginning of the End. His Name..... Bakuyoku.

Theme Song:
Two Steps From Hell - Demon Rider…

Hexestolz Riki Quin