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July 28, 2013
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Brutusk, Titan of the Ice Age by Necro-Titan Brutusk, Titan of the Ice Age by Necro-Titan
Titan of the Ice Age

Height: 130 Meters
Weight: 78,000 metric Tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Control (Grappling), Charging
Primary Attacks: Trunk, Tusk
Secondary Attacks: Claws, Charges, Tail
Primary Weapon: Frostfire Cannon
Secondary Weapon: Sonic Trumpeting
Energy Style: Parasitic

Brutusk is a woolly mammoth of the ice age mutated by alien DNA. He is bulky, a little slow, and he has red eyes. During his mutation process he became bigger, smarter and developed two huge horn on his head. He has big ears like an elephant. He has also spikes on his shoulders and tail. He can fire Frostfire beam from his mouth and trunk. All over his trunk there are small spikes that can be used to pierce the enemies flesh once they are grabbed. There are also many teeth inside his trunk making this a second mouth, through which sucks the energy out of other Kaijus. He can also rolled his trunk making it look like a mace with spikes which eventually can caused a terrible damage to the enemies if they received a direct strike.

The origin of this Kaiju would have been still unknown, if there were not because cave paintings of this mammoth that were found in a misterious cave. According to, scientific interpretations already accepted, in the ice age, a cristal object fell out of the sky close to a herd of mammoths. This cristal had an alien virus which affected the whole area, including the mammoths. These began to experience several mutations. Each mutation was greater than the previous one. These rapid's changes eventually caused death to all of them, because they were unable to adapt them, but one. This sole mammoth could stand the whole transformation process until he could reach his current height and form. The humans of that age were horrofied by this titan. They not even tried to face him. It seems that Brutusk went himself into a cave where he could hybernate. However, the cave was reached by a heavy storm of ice, then sealed by ice and rocks with Brutusk in it. The resistent alien DNA preserved Brutusk to the current time. An strong earthquake woke up the beast and broke some of the cave's barriers. Brutusk is out of his prison now.

Theme Song:
Immediate Music - Is It Safe…

Brutusk Wences Acosta
Art by Riki Quin

Paid Commission for Wences Acosta plz don't steal. Commission details found here Commissions by Kaiju-Saur (Necro Titan)As some of you may already know I have been absent both here and CKC Forum, Long story short I had to quit my Job because i want to go back to school full-Time and get my Degree. I however have run into a few financial downs this past months and thous the inactivity.
I Would like to offer my services as an Artist and in Photo Restoration.
Commissions will be in a Four Categories.
Sketch $2.00
Flats $5.00
Colossal Kaiju Combat $6.00

Masterpiece Cards $10.00

If you do wish to commission me, all i request is a full description of your request (visual aids welcome). Just Send me a not here or in DA if you would like to Commission me. Also to those who have pending commissions from me, they'll be ready by Friday so no worries. Here is a link To my CKC Forum Page
I'll Also be selling a few collectibles on Ebay if you guys are interested

Stop by Brutusk's Forum Page…
Cool kaiju! He reminds me of Mammomax from Marvel comics :)
anyone makes an Ice age joke and he will fuck your everything up
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